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About Konnerco

Our business is built around client collaboration and trust

We work seamlessly with our clients, integrating into their teams and welcoming a challenge. We build long-term relationships and ensure that when we complete a project the client can confidently stand on their own feet.

We cultivate a relationship of trust and lasting positive impact. By passing on our extensive market experience. We not only solve problems but create new capability within our client teams. 

We value our good reputation and through successful delivery ensure we are the first call when there is a new requirement.

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Our mission is to generate sustainable value for our clients

Our deep hands-on experience and successful track record coupled with our sharp analytical mindset provides an exceptional ability to:

  • Identify problems & uncover new opportunities.

  • Create actionable strategies to address these.

  • Deliver successful implementation for immediate and long-term value generation.

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Our vision is to transfer our knowledge and experience to our clients

Our mindsets and way of thinking led us into the world of commodity and energy markets in the early '90s.  

We then built multi-decade experiences in senior positions with leading companies across a range of markets, disciplines and geographies.
We are distinguished alumni of Cargill, Enron, Goldman Sachs, Statkraft India, Essent, Nidera & London Business School.

This is the basis which differentiates us and from which we assist you.  
We do not just advise or provide slide decks and reports.  Having been there and done it, we also know what to implement and how to do it.  
We will work with you to solve the problems that keep you awake at night; give you new competitive advantages and increase your revenues and profits.

Our goal is that you will require our services less and less as we transfer knowledge to your team

Founding Partners

Konnerco is led by its two managing partners. Ably supported by a high calibre team of industry and functional experts

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Want to know more? Contact us

We are here to assist. 

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