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Konnerco Trading Services

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Manage Your Commodity and Energy Market Exposures with Specialized Outsourced Trading Services

  • Trading

  • Risk Management

  • Monetising Flexibility

  • Optimisation

  • Hedging

  • Shipping

  • Nominations

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Why Outsource with Konnerco?

Seize quick wins and boost your profit potential


Reduce Operating Costs

Eliminate the expense of in-house specialists and overheads.


Enhance Decision making

Utilize advanced analytics and tools to sharpen your competitive edge.


Access World Class Expertise

Benefit from the strategic acumen and extensive market knowledge of our dedicated professionals.


Unlock Revenue Opportunties

We not only focus on reducing risk and volatility but also finding ways that you can lock-in incremental earnings from any flexibility and optionality inherent in your operations. 

Gain an edge with the support of Konnerco

Managing market risks in commodities can be daunting, especially without an in-house trading division.  At Konnerco, we specialize in empowering companies like yours with the tools typically reserved for industry giants.


With our backgrounds at Goldman Sachs, Cargill, and other leading trading houses, we've helped clients identify quick win gains of up to $30m annually.


With Konnerco you immediately gain:

Diverse Expertise: Our team, led by veterans with over 30 years at leading firms like Goldman Sachs and Cargill, offers insights across Energy, Metals, and Agricultural Products.


Proven Success: We've executed over 50,000 transactions, enhancing profitability and stability for our clients. Our tailored approaches have helped companies like yours unlock potential gains of up to $30 million by optimizing trading operations and risk management practices.


Global Scope: With experience in 60 markets, we bring a potent combination of global perspective and local execution excellence.

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Our Services

Advanced Risk Management: We protect and enhance your financial outcomes using cutting-edge technology and deep market insights.

Opportunity Capture and Monetization: Beyond risk management, we actively identify and capitalize on market opportunities.

Customized Strategic Solutions: From dynamic hedging programs to comprehensive market analysis, our solutions are tailored to your unique needs.

Flexible Pricing Models: We offer adaptable fee structures, including fixed fees and performance-based incentives, aligning with your business goals.

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Want to know more? Contact us

Whether you seek in-house expertise or prefer outsourcing, we customize solutions to meet your needs. Let's talk!

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