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What We Do

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Recognised Experts In

  • Trading

  • Risk Management

  • Supply Chains

  • Optimisation

We provide strategic advice and operational implementation.

Our clients are companies and national entities directly or indirectly involved with energy and commodity markets. 


Our operations are global.

With particular focus on:

  • New Market Entry

  • Deregulating Markets

  • Physical Trading

  • Asset Optimisation

  • Risk Management

  • Supply Chains

  • Analytics

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Bespoke E/CTRM Systems

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We generate value and transfer knowledge.

We will unlock value in your existing operations, identify and help mitigate known & hidden risks, assist you in entering new markets, assess your entire value/supply chain from end-to-end & all critical components therein.

We work with energy/commodity traders, companies directly or indirectly exposed to these markets & government bodies.


Our solutions and services benefit global multi-nationals and local niche champions.

Do you want to implement leading edge optimisation, trading, logistics and risk management approaches in the same way that the best commodity traders do?


Get in touch now for a free initial consultation without any commitments where you explain your business to us and we will tell you how we can help you.

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Want to know more? Contact us

We are here to assist. 

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